Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival crafts

I was tired of making the same old Chinese lanterns year after year with my students. You know the cut strips and fold them and glue this?

I decided to find some different activities, so maybe these will be an inspiration for someone else to try during this Mid-Autumn Festival holiday time.

Jemilla created these lanterns by folding wrapping paper accordian-style and glueing down the top and bottom of each one. I like how she experimented with a few different shapes.

Here is another idea for Mid-Autumn Festival...paint your own mooncakes. 

Lastly, this fantastic Hong Kong scene was created by one of my students. We purposely used Chinese newspapers which we cut and glued on the dark blue paper before stamping paint "lanterns" in the sky. (You can use a cork or sponge or circle stickers.) I added the black trim to give detail to the lanterns and skyscrapers.


  1. Fun Ideas. I like paint your own mooncakes, especially since eating them is not our favorite thing.

  2. I would like to put an order in for one of those HK scenes!xxx M.

  3. Love the newspaper city artwork! Looks fantastic!

    I have finally ordered some earring backs for the buttons - got them on ebay from HK!! Still can't find the exact paddlepop sticks we saw. Well, that's not quite true - did find one place online, but the postage was $15!