Sunday, August 30, 2009

Belated thanks

We could not have made it here to Hong Kong without the help from many kind individuals back in Australia. I want to acknowledge you publicly and say thank you for showing us love through your specific acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts and quality time.

Thank you especially to...

Michelle Dean at nine and a half months pregnant but still baked us two meals including the famous Dean lasagna. I should have been the one baking for you!

The Adams family from Kingsway who adopted our beloved cat Bronte. You have really eased my mind.

Leonie Lupton who cooked a meal and bought some of our stuff.

Ross and Jill James who allowed us to stay in their house during our final days in Perth. The children especially loved the Lego collection.

Natalie from Toddler Time who gave us some of her yummy biscuits and slices as a treat. The children are convinced you work at a restaurant.

Cathy Richards from Kingsway who organised a lovely farewell for Jemilla with her friends including a special good-bye present. Cathy also generously gave us all her youngest daughter’s outgrown clothes which meant we didn’t need to buy Tirzah any size 2 clothes in preparation for Hong Kong.

Jules Gurney for the delicious meal and paddlepops.

Craig’s parents for being willing to have our mail redirected to their house, saving us hundreds of dollars.

Ike Abdulla for his handyman skills.

Kathy Niles from Toddler Time for dropping off yet another wonderful dinner which I didn’t have to prepare!

Liesl Theeart for minding Tirzah and Emma Abdulla for minding Keegan while I was busy during our last fortnight in Perth.

All the kind people (at Craig’s 40th birthday, Colin Lituri, Toddler Time mums, SCEA, staff from Midland Christian school, etc.), who donated money towards our purchase of the Donald James Water’s print “In You Go” which we will display prominently and proudly in our new home to remind us of Hillary’s in Perth.

Jey Jeyabalan for cooking a meal for us, coordinating the other meals, as well as organising a fantastic night out at a Chinese restaurant with friends from church.

Narelle Bevan who minded Tirzah for we while I was packing, hosted a lovely farewell supper, and prepared two huge meals for our family. Craig remembers your chicken portion sizes fondly. LOL

My mother “Manou” who helped to pack our 28 boxes and suitcases, the latter which she calculated to the exact gram so we didn’t have to pay any excess on our baggage allowance. Mum also helped with many jobs to get our house in Landsdale ready for leasing.

And lastly to the Matchett family for their countless hours of looking after our kids for us, feeding us, helping pack up the house, carting off our rubbish for council collection, shifting furniture, selling our cars, and the list goes on and on...

We are grateful and thankful to you all!


  1. Pleasure! Wish we could do more, and get to know you better.
    Enjoying the blog. Thanks.

  2. Am just a little weepy here in the library but of course I have read everything through TWICE!Well done! Of course I am praying for you each morning very early. Love to all,Em.

  3. What a special group of friends you have in Perth!