Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's highs and lows

We borrowed the meal-time tradition of sharing the day’s high and low points from our friends the Spencer family. Today, they were as follows:

Craig’s high: hearing the kids’ happy reports about their first day at a new school
Craig’s low: Tirzah’s tantrum this afternoon

Renee’s high: see the dessert mentioned in previous post (Hey... so I’m easily pleased...)
Renee’s low: wasting time and money this morning as we waited for someone to show us a property for rent and they never arrived

Jemilla’s high: going to school and having a swim this afternoon
Jemilla’s low: scraping her knee in the playground

Keegan’s high: going to school, and getting to wear “normal” clothes to school
Keegan’s low: spilling some yoghurt at tea time

Tirzah’s assumed high: anytime she could cuddle her dolly
Tirzah’s assumed low: getting in trouble for flushing a toilet paper roll down the toilet in the hotel (see below)


  1. So did you pull the toilet paper OUT of the toilet????

  2. Thats a great photo, must be a right of passage for all toddlers, poor Tirzah looks so miserable and busted