Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our first Sunday

For our first Sunday in Hong Kong we were invited to visit Union Church with Gail (Craig's Principal), and it was a great day to visit because they had a huge barbeque lunch after the 11:00 service in which we happily partook. The photo (borrowed from the internet) above shows the layout of the main room. You can read more about Union Church here.

I really enjoyed the message about "following Jesus" from John chapter 1:29-51, but my mind kept wandering to our Perth church, Woodvale Baptist ... wondering if Alec made it to the 10:30 service in spite of the radiation he received this week, wondering how Jenelle would cope interpreting the whole sermon, and wishing I could be there. We sang a familiar song, and I had to put my hands behind my back to stop myself from reverting to Auslan.

"Oh God, You are my God.

And I will ever praise You.

Oh God, You are my God.

And I will ever praise You.

I will seek You in the morning,

And I will learn to walk in Your ways,

And step by step You'll lead me,

And I will follow You all of my days."

When it was time for Sunday School, our kids left us without a worry, trotting off to their own individual classes. I felt so proud that despite being in a foreign country and different church, they were confident enough to try a new thing.

Craig had a good laugh at the section in the printed church bulletin listing prayer requests. Obviously written by a Pommie it read, "Pray for the people of Australia as they mourn the loss of the Ashes."

Someone at Union Church asked us if we would continue coming to the church during our time in Hong Kong. I replied that as much as we had enjoyed worshipping there this morning, we would probably try to find somewhere a bit closer to home (wherever that may be!). You see, to get to the church we took a shuttle bus into the city, walked to the pier, caught a ferry across to Hong Kong Island, and then had a taxi-ride out to the church. I can't imagine doing it every week!

Tirzah was exhausted by it all as you can see from the photo.

Here is the "boat" we took across the harbour.

Just kidding...this is our actual ferry.

Jemilla and Keegan seated on the ferry with balloons from church.

Hong Kong Island's skyline from Kowloon looked very hazy today.

Walking back to our bus stop.

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  1. Wow. Three forms of transport to get to church. Yes, I'd be looking for somewhere closer too.