Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wish you were here...

Everywhere we go we see things that remind us of friends and family in Australia.

This photo is especially for my sister Lauren who ADORES Playmobil. You can read about her Playmobil Passion on her blog here. And for Emma Abdulla who is slightly less obsessed with the same product. Ladies, it's wall-to-wall in stores here!

And this one is for all the Beanie Kid fans we know... namely Elora Croaker and the Peet girls. Here the Beanie Kids (normal-sized ones, not this gigantic one) cost just under $50 HK, which works out to around $8.50 each. Tempted to order any...? Let me know...


  1. Very exciting! The girls want to know how much for the giant BK!! I think we'll wait till we get home before we think about ordering BKs from HK though.
    Your blog is wonderful Renee - I love reading about your experiences, and love the name of your blog too - goes to show how willing you are to follow God's will for your life, even if it isn't what you would choose.
    Looks like Jemilla and Keegan are adjusting so well. I continue to pray for you as you find somewhere to live and as the kids start school.
    I suppose you haven't had any time to go op-shopping yet! Do they even have op-shops in HK? Everything looks so clean (compared to over here!) I've found three second hand stores here, which has been fun.They are full of clothes from Australia.
    Love Amanda

  2. So Amanda wants the giant BK, and I want the giant Playmo man. Together we'll arrange a shipping container to bring our obsessions to Australia.