Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Registration

On Friday we took a taxi to the kids' new school, NIS, which you can read more about here . As the school year starts this Monday, we had numerous forms to fill out and sign, and we were glad for this opportunity to show the children their new classrooms.

This is the Kindergarten building. Keegan will be in a class called K-3, which is the year before Grade One.

This is in Keegan's new classroom. He has already met a boy named Nathan and his teacher Ms Irene.

One of the play areas for Keegan's class.

This is the primary campus, about five minutes from Keegan's class.

These are some of the primary classrooms.

This is Jemilla's Year Two classroom. She is one of only two girls in the class. She will have a substitute teacher (male) for the first few months as her teacher is away on maternity leave. We will have to get an Australian flag to put up on the wall with the other ones.

I almost forgot to mention that Tirzah will be attending a playgroup in the kindergarten campus with me twice a week. We are so thankful that the children each have a place in this school. Many people have told us how hard it is to enrol in international schools in Hong Kong. NIS looks like a friendly little school, and we pray that the children will be happy here and make new friends quickly.


  1. We love the blog, and the name! It's exciting to see how God always gives enough grace for all the adventures that life holds. You guys look great, enjoy the holiday-feel time. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts, and look froward to the blog updates. Liesl.

  2. With the two campuses five minutes apart... is that five minutes driving or five minutes walking? How will you go between them?

    And which campus will Craig be working at?