Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good-bye, Perth. Hello, Singapore!

Our flight from Perth to Singapore on Jetstar was scheduled to leave at 12:15 AM on Thursday, August 27th. We expected to catch a taxi to the international terminal, but our good friends the Matchetts insisted on taking us right to our gate and farewelling us properly. I'm sure their kids were extra tired at school the next day because they wouldn't have gotten to bed before 10:30 PM! This was just one of the many ways the Matchetts helped us prepare for our departure. We have been so overwhelmed with their kindness and generosity, as well as many of our other Perth friends, but I'll blog more about that later...

Our plane sat on the runway at Perth for nearly an hour due to "a computer malfunction in the radio tower". This was not exactly the sort of announcement we wanted to hear at the start of our flight. Exhaustion overcame the excitement of being on a plane for Jemilla and Keegan, and they fell asleep soon after take-off. But not so for Tirzah! She didn't like being restricted by a seat belt and couldn't understand why she had to stay on my lap. Praise the Lord we had two empty seat next to us, so I was eventually able to lay her across the seats and she slept for two hours or so before waking with a very wet nappy and pyjamas. Needless to say, she let the whole plane know she was unhappy about the situation and it was quite a while before she dropped off to sleep again. We were all very relieved to arrive in Singapore airport where we could change our clothes and stretch our legs.

Keegan was thrilled to see Ben10 on a giant TV screen in the Kids' Corner of Terminal 3. He said he wished his friends Owen and Nathan were there to watch it with him.

Changi Airport in Singapore is a fascinating place to explore. We loved the many exhibits and sculptures.

This was (understandably) Jemilla's favourite shop in the whole airport. She and Keegan each had $20 AUD to spend from their Nana and Grandpa. After much deliberating, Jemilla chose a new necklace with an ice cream cone and some miniature doll house accessories. Keegan chose some more Lego.

We spent a fun day wandering between the three terminals in Singapore, buying food, looking at shops, playing on the indoor playground, riding the sky train, etc. before we once again boarded Jetstar for Hong Kong.

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  1. Singapore Airport looks fascinating! Perhaps it's worth a visit in its own right...