Saturday, August 29, 2009

First impressions of Hong Kong

Craig likes the feeling of being on holiday, cheap pre-paid mobile phone calls, the octopus cards for easy purchases and transport (like Perth smart-riders), and cheap take-away places nearby.
Craig dislikes the communication problems. (Locals don't speak as much English as we thought.)

Renee likes the variety of shops and products, some of which are American and unavailable in Australia. They also stay open until 10:30 at night.
Renee dislikes the cost of staple foods such as bread ($4 per loaf) and milk ($3.00 per litre).

Jemilla likes the pool at our hotel and the shops with all the nice things.
Jemilla dislikes all the signs being in Chinese and the smell of the food.

Keegan likes being able to watch baseball and Ben10 on TV here (pay TV). He also likes being able to wear his summer clothes again, as it is still winter in Australia.
Keegan dislikes how loudly the people speak in a different language.

Tirzah is still too little to say what she likes or doesn't like about Hong Kong, but we have noticed that she is attracting a lot of attention wherever we go. I wonder if it's the way I dress her or her red hair or chubby body. Most people point to her and comment or wave at her or approach us to stroke her cheek. She doesn't seem to mind much; instead she shows off a bit with a silly dance or blows a kiss back to them.


  1. Hi Renee, Great to hear from you! I can imagine Tirzah getting lots of attention, she's so cute. She's probably loving it! Speaking of red hair, Cameron said something funny the other day; he said after you'd left Perth that he'd always thought all of you weren't Australian because
    "you know none of us Australians have red hair.."
    Had to laugh.. Hope all continues to go well
    Love Narelle

  2. Any butterfingers and poptarts like here in Tamworth???

  3. No American candy sighted yet but if it's here, I WILL FIND IT! LOL

  4. Wonderful to hear how the kids are enjoying themselves. And having access to a pool is great!