Sunday, May 16, 2010

For Geoff

In honour of your birthday and knowing of your mathematical appreciation, I am posting this photo. So if the ticket price reads $279, exactly how much will the item cost me?

And here's some pi just for you. Happy birthday !


  1. Ha ha. I remember those funny sale signs in HK! Good luck, Geoff, in working that one out!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Renee.

    Being a teacher of Mathematics I am not inclined to give people the answer, but rather to lead them to the answer through a series of manageable steps.

    Assuming that this means the tickets is 35% off (not sure what UP might mean), you would be paying 65% of the face value of the ticket. You might like to ask you friend CASI O for some assistance at this point.

    Otherwise I would note that I am visitor 12313 to the blog and the price would be $ where

    a= the first digit of my visitor number
    b= the second digit of my visit number to the power of the third digit of my visitor number
    c= the unit value of the age I am turning today or alternately the sum of the first two digits of my visitor number.
    d= one more that the 'tens' value of my current age or alternately the sum of the second two numbers in my visitor number.

    Now all your visitors should be able to tell my age as well.

    Alternately in Australian dollars based on today's exchange rate quoted by the Commonwealth bank, you would be paying $27.95.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  3. Thanks for the maths lesson, Geoff. It was actually the minus sign that threw me!

  4. Yes, but with it saying %UP, I believe it is referring to inflation, so Geoff will need to take the current rate of HK inflation into all his calculations!