Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tai Mei Tuk

Tai Mei Tuk means "the very end" in Cantonese, but it was only a seven-minute drive from our apartment this morning, certainly not "the very end of the earth". It's a quiet hillside village which has became a hub for recreational cycling, water sports, and restaurants.

There's an entire street lined with bike rental shops, so we chose one to hire ($6 AUD per hour) and rode off to explore.

Tai Mei Tuk looks out to Tolo Harbour and Ma On Shan.

We saw quite a few families enjoying the public barbecue facilities.

I liked this tiled mosaic wall.

Everyone took a turn pedalling.

As we were returning our bike to the shop, we happened to meet Ben and Janice Norton, Headmaster and Librarian from International Christian Academy, who were out for a walk.

Tirzah's legs weren't quite long enough to reach the pedals, but she enjoyed steering!

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