Friday, May 7, 2010

How do you know if Manou is staying with you?

There's piping hot porridge for breakfast every morning.

Her bicycle is parked in the garage.

The stairs get used more than the lift.

The dirty clothes hamper is empty.

The fruit bowl is full.

Craig and I can enjoy a date night as often as we like!


  1. Seriously, unless you leave the house fifteen minutes early, I cannot imagine walking down all those stairs with Tirzah.

  2. Loving the IKEA clothes basket :-)

  3. Hey Renee, Craig and kids!
    Just been flicking through your blogg - have looked a few times but can't work out how to contact your or comment!! I dont know if this will work!! Hong Kong looks like an amazing experience for you all!!! We would love to come and visit one day!
    With Love all the Crossley's!!xx

  4. That's my favourite of your new tops...looks even better on!