Sunday, May 2, 2010

Under 12's Cricket Carnival (by Craig because Renee doesn't understand the lingo)

Here's our proud son showing off the silver cricket medal he won today.

Keegan was in the 'Amateur Masters' team playing in the third annual Hong Kong Under 12's Carnival. There were six teams playing today. For the sake of interested readers like the Luptons, the competition rules were a cross between conventional indoor cricket and the Hong Kong Sixes. Each player bowls one six ball over. Each batting pair bat for two overs,. There are no LBW's.  Three runs awarded for a wide (which is not bowled again - unless it's the very last ball of the innings) and minus five runs for each wicket.

Keegan's team was made up of six of the 'regulars' who get together in Tai Po for cricket lessons each week.

The tournament was held at one of the country's few cricket ovals (that are mostly rectangular in shape). I'm told Keegan is fielding here at 'point'.

Keegan really wanted to take all his cricket accessories but in the end only needed his hat. The Under 12 stumps almost came up to his arm pits.

Part of the faithful and sometimes noisy crowd.

Keegan's batting partner Chris, won the 'Most Valuable Batsman' award in the competition.

The mighty team after a great day of cricket and coming second overall..

The team who won the tournament are from a designated local school team. The most trouble they had seemed to be which 12-year-old to leave out of the squad for each game (maximum six players per game). The other tough decision for their coach was with only eight medals per team, which players missed out on the gold. 

Keegan's team proudly showing their certificates and second place medals.

This photo is of those who stayed for the awards ceremony. Keegan was very proud to hold his team's second place trophy and can't wait for his turn to bring it home and take it to school for show-and-tell.


  1. What a very cool day - how many games did Keegan's team play? Keegan might also be interested to hear that Leonie was very excited to receive her very own baggy green cap for her birthday recently.
    P.S. It's good to know that the rabbit ears in photos (photo 2) are an international phenomenon, although it looks like a third finger is creeping in?

  2. Thanks for posting pictures, Renée! I love seeing Keegan. He looks so proud. But I fell asleep at the beginning of the post, sorry. (The bit about the rectangular ovals woke me up.)

  3. Keegan played three games, Craig. It was his first time bowling on a full-length pitch. This is what you have to look forward to with Josiah!

  4. Keegan's team reminded me of all those chn in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"...all shapes,sizes and colours but good friends,determined and happy winners no matter what!