Friday, May 13, 2011


Need your Ferrari serviced?

When Keegan first saw this poster, he thought it was a spin bowler in action.

Both Craig and Jemilla despise raw tomato, so this is not their idea of the perfect hamburger.

Keep out of children.

A nice courtesy available in Hong Kong; you can ask for your groceries to be carried to your car for free. Too bad we don't have a car!

I never knew pulp could be pluralised.

This sign intrigued me. Even if I wanted to sit on this large vertical column, I don't know how it is physically possible!

A seven-legged octopus

Jemilla has decided she wants to be an editor when she grows up, so she can "sit and read books all day".

Not a sign as such, but evidence that royal fever hit Hong Kong as well.

More random signs from Hong Kong...

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