Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother/Daughter Tea Party

Kowloon International Baptist Church held a special event this morning on the day before Mother's Day. Jemilla and I enjoyed craft and morning tea with several other girls aged 8 to 11 and their mothers.

Making a crystal angel


Making a flower pot


Playing "How well do you know your  mother?"
These were the questions we had to answer. I was surprised how many Jemilla answered differently to me.
  1. What is your Mum's favourite colour?
  2. What type of books does your Mum like to read?
  3. What is your Mum's least favourite food?
  4. What is your Mum's favourite food?
  5. What colour are your Mum's eyes?
  6. What is your Mum's favourite holiday destination?
  7. What is your Mum's favourite season?
  8. What did your Mum eat for breakfast this morning?
  9. Who is your Mum's best friend?
  10. Where was your Mum born?
  11. What is your Mum's favourite sport?
  12. What type of music does your Mum like to listen to?
  13. Does your Mum prefer to ear jeans or dresses?
  14. What is your Mum's favourite flower?
  15. What type of pet does your Mum like best?
  16. What is your Mum's favourite hobby?
  17. What colour shoes is your Mum wearing right now?
  18. What is your Mum's occupation?
  19. Does your Mum like to wear perfume?
  20. What size shoes does your Mum wear?

Reading a book together

Jemilla wrote me this special note.

We were supposed to decorate a photo frame together, but Jemilla and I ended up making it into a general collage with buttons, ribbons, flowers and roses. We had so much fun doing this together!

Lots of yummy food

My special eldest daughter and me


  1. We especially love the photo of you and Jemilla. You're very beautiful!

  2. I agree! Gorgeous - the both of you!