Sunday, May 29, 2011

Worship Central (by Craig)

I had a great time at Worship Central over the weekend. Martin Smith (front man of Delirious?) led the team on Friday night and was one of the speakers on Saturday. (I did feel old when he shared Cutting Edge came out 16-17 years ago!) One of the new things they tried this year to bring closer together our mutli-lingual Christian community was singing half the chorus/bridge in English and the other half in Chinese on a number of songs. Very cool! I think we'll see more of that in the future...and that's a good thing. Martin Smith thinks the worship leaders/teams of Asia's Christian churches have a critical role to play in the future outreach of Asia. It made me think about the future of Christian schooling in HK and Asia, and what schools can do differently to have a larger and broader impact on seeing God's Kingdom grow. What can Christian education groups like ours do differently to have a broader impact in not just HK but across Asia in the generations to come?  More to come later on that thought...


  1. We've only just started listening to Delirious over the last couple of months... It's a really eclectic mix of styles! What fun!

  2. really 16 years ago? I still compare all modern worship CDs to Cutting Edge, really one of the best ever. I am glad to see Martin Smith going strong.

  3. Hi Renee! haven't popped in for ages...just wanted to hi! Good to see you are still alive and well in HK. Love to you and the fam. :) Jen Spencer