Friday, May 20, 2011

May musings

Hello, readers!

I am so excited to think that school will be over in just three weeks! It has been a hard year for me with the return to full-time teaching in a new special education class which necessitated the hiring of a domestic helper. With regards to the former, I am pleased with how my cohort of students with special needs is integrating into ICS. Regarding our helper Celene, I have learned some hard truths about myself and my controlling tendencies and my need to have some privacy in the home. I won't bore you with my struggles, but I will say that I am much happier now with our routines, and I am content with the amount of quality family time we are finding in our weeks.

We are thrilled to be coming to Perth for a long holiday from June 24 to July 27. The children have been preparing their lists of Important Things To Do In Australia. Just yesterday I received the wonderful news that my best friend Amanda will be able to fly over from New South Wales to spend time with me during our break. (Yay!) And some other friends have organised a house swap with us which is such an amazing blessing and so convenient. They will be holidaying in hot Hong Kong while we shiver away in Perth.

I am told by certain readers that I rarely post photos of myself on this blog, so here is a selection of four recent pictures to keep you-know-who-you-are happy.

This is the Student Services team at ICS with whom I work. Our group includes counsellours, nurses, admissions staff, and teachers. We attended a retreat together recently to plan for the coming year.

Here I am at a Survivor finale party cheering for Boston Rob to win.

These Hong Kong mums are all connected to the playgroup that Tirzah attends on Wednesdays. I take advantage of our social nights to get to know these women a bit better because I am working full-time and sadly unable to take Tirzah to her weekly playgroup myself.

Every day is a hard day working with students with special needs, but these two women make my job that much easier. Becky and Amy are my assistants with the Bridges class at ICS. They have a wealth of patience, common sense, compassion, and the ability to look for the ridiculous in everything. We were fooling around the day this photo was taken as it was a free-dress day and we chose to wear school uniforms. I love these ladies!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all that, Renée. It's great to hear that Amanda will be able to visit you in Perth! That'll be a special time!
    I like seeing the photos of you with your co-workers.
    Love, L.