Monday, June 18, 2012


Yesterday was another highly anticipated day for Jemilla as I took her to see the musical Annie. We were familiar with the plot and knew most of the songs from the movie, so it was even more fun for us as we sang along (quietly) in our seats. The actors were all superb; even Sandy the Dog put in a few appearances! However, I think the stage backdrops impressed me the most.

We were especially excited to watch the sister of Jemilla's friend Michael, Jocelyn, playing a role of one of the orphans. Jemilla posed with Michael and Jocelyn for a photo after the play.

Another actor, Audrey Leybourne,  happened to pass by, so Jemilla bravely asked her to sign the Annie program too.

Daddy Warbucks, played by David McAlister, kindly signed Jemilla's program as well. She was quite pleased with herself for getting several autographs!

I feel thankful to have been living in Hong Kong at this time, so Jemilla and I had the opportunities to attend both Disney on Ice and Annie together.


  1. I've been thinking about introducing the movie to the girls, and you got to see it live! What fun! Were the songs all the same?

  2. Jemilla,you looked very beautiful for the outing!It is wonderful to have those autographs,too.
    I love you xxxxx

  3. Is that your second time watching? we watched it the first time with Mister baldwin, though we didn't finish.