Monday, June 11, 2012

Keegan's recent photos

Keegan likes hanging out with Harrison and Nathaniel Wise.

This was a magic show at the Norwegian International School Open Day.

Mother's Day Lunch at Day Ryan's.

 Keegan rode all the way from Forest Hill to his school at Shek Mun.

Then he celebrated his long ride with a special treat at McDonalds.

Keegan's art work was on display at school. He stitched a letter "K" in green and gold thread.

Keegan's 2A class celebrated the end of the school year with a party.

The students sang a song for all the parents at the awards ceremony.

Keegan received an ESLR character award for "good humour". His teacher wrote the following about him: "Keegan has a happy outlook, is able to make light of a situation and thoroughly enjoys a good joke. This makes him the worthy recipient of the good humour award."


  1. Did someone accompany Keegan on his long bike ride?

    1. Craig rides with the kids. I'm the one who stays at home to laze around and read my book.