Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jemilla's recent photos

The children enjoyed some special desserts at a restaurant on Mother's Day.

These photos are from the last concert that Jemilla performed in for ICS Children's Choir.

Jemilla and Kayla Wong

Jemilla with the choir director David Baldwin and his son Elliot.

Jemilla's art work was on display at school (bottom left). She carved her picture into foam and took a print of it with pink paint.

Jemilla's teacher Mr Kadow presented her with the ESLR character trait award of "dynamism".

Jemilla's 4B class celebrated the end of the school year with a party.


  1. As well as all the photos,Jemilla I enjoy seeing your various hair styles!Do you have a favourite?
    I love you!

    1. My favourite hairstyle - wait I Don't have one!
      XXX Jemilla Harvey

  2. I am glad to have Jemilla as one of my best friends. We share a lot of happy moments, laughs, and needing help from each other.