Sunday, June 3, 2012

Introducing Larry Boy

This is Larry Boy, a three-legged hamster who is staying in our apartment for the summer holidays. Jemilla offered to look after him for the teacher who will be away.

I am in doubt whether Larry-Boy will survive all the attention from our three children during his stay with the Harveys!


  1. What happened to his other leg?

  2. Larry Boy was climbing in one of those regular wire hamster cages. His leg got a caught in one of the wires. He was dangling from it for a long time. We manage to remove him from the wire, but his leg was lost.

    We didn't think he would survive to be honest. Amazingly Larry Boy grew back with a stump. He was still able to learn how to climb and run and do other things. To protect him, we moved into the glass container so he wouldn't have any more "accidents"

    It's amazing that he's still alive. He is over 3 years old now, which is old for a hamster.

    Tim Wong