Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tirzah's recent photos

Here are some photos of Tirzah at school during their theme on plants and flowers. (Most of the pictures are from winter time, as you can see from Tirzah's uniform. We are well and truly into summer now!)

This photo was taken during Open Day at the Norwegian International School in Tai Po.

Last week Tirzah celebrated the end of the school year with her R1D classmates and teacher, Mrs Davis, pictured here.

The children sang "Trust and Obey" for their parents.

On Friday we visited the Wong's house where we were treated to an impromptu magic show by Mr Wong. Tirzah was absolutely delighted to be his assistant and hold the magic wand.

Mr Wong gifted Tirzah with the magic wand, and she has been practicing her one and only magic trick every waking moment since then.

 And every sleeping moment too!


  1. Maybe one day I could teach you another magic trick,Tirzah,that would be fun!
    I also hope that you will sing "Trust and Obey" for me.I love you!