Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lego competition

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that at least two of our kids are crazy about Lego.

So when we saw that there was a Lego competition in Dubbo this week, we knew Jemilla and Keegan would want to be involved.

On Monday, Jemilla competed in the 3 to 7 year-old heat. Each child had a baseplate, and there was a big tub of thousands of assorted pieces for the children to choose from to build their creation in the twenty minutes allotted.

Jemilla made this fantastic "cookies and cream" ice cream cone.

She won the heat and this great Lego toy and was asked to come back for the competition final today.

Here's Jemilla sharing an ice cream with Tirzah on Monday to celebrate.

Keegan has been a bit sick this week with croup, but he was well enough to compete yesterday in another heat of the competition.

Keegan also won a Lego set and a position in the finals with his version of Lego "Hong Kong".

He chose a Boost Juice as his reward.

Yesterday the Peet girls also competed in a separate heat, so we stayed to cheer for them.

Millie made a long bridge.

And here's Sophie with her great house and garden.

Well done to Brianna for winning her heat with her fantastic Lego "present".

Today we came back to the shopping centre for the competition final.

Keegan made a wonderful version of the Australian flag.

But it was Jemilla who stole the show with her Lego "self portrait". Congratulations, Jem, for coming first! Your creation looks terrific!

But how on earth are we going to fit that huge prize in our suitcase for Hong Kong?

Two proud grandparents and aunty and cousins were there to share the moment.

Brianna came third in the final heat for her age group and won some Toy Story Lego, but sadly I didn't get a photo of her final work.

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