Friday, July 16, 2010

The Peets

For this past week, we have had the pleasure of staying with our friends the Peet family. We first met Geoff and Amanda while we were living in Bowral, NSW. Now the Peets live in Wellington near Dubbo. They have four girls: Brianna (11), Sophie (8), Millie (8) and Elora (5). The children played so well together, and it was such a joyful time for us. Thank you, Peets, for your generosity in feeding and accommodating our family and making our holiday extra special. We love you and dream about returning the favour one day in Hong Kong!

Brianna and Tirzah

Keegan in front of the Peet's vineyard

Uno Attack

Monkeying around at the tea table

Devotions time

Littlest Pet Shop with Millie and Elora

Lego with Sophie and Brianna

Playdough with Elora

Tea at Hungry Jacks

Soccer on REAL grass!

Connect Four

"Lucky" the dog

Amanda and I are ready for a day of op shopping

Jemilla and Sophie made a cubby house

The end result

My Little Pony

More Connect Four

Geoff pumped up some bike tyres for Keegan

And after a wobbly start... he went, happy to be riding a bike again!

Special icecreams for dessert


Sophie and Jemilla on the trampoline (first jump Jemilla's had in a year)

Dancing fun

Even Tirzah joined in the dance

We played Sequence with Geoff and Amanda late into the night

This was the morning of my birthday.

The children made lots and lots of cards for me.

And we had waffles for breakfast! My favourite!

Babysitter Saranne minded the kids while we went out for a birthday dinner.

Amanda and me

At the restaurant in Wellington

Craig and Keegan played croquet with Millie

Tirzah adored playing with Brianna

Five girls together

Dressing Up

Craig thought this bike was a bit too tame.

Now, this is more like it!

Having fun, Jemilla?

Tirzah was happy to watch the Wiggles on TV

Amanda worked on a painting for school

Two finished art works


Early birthday present for Jemilla: hair clips and devotions book

Early birthday present of Toy Story Lego from the Peet family

Another present: book and 3D glasses

Picnic lunch at the playground

Brianna and Tirzah

The twins and Jemilla

Tirzah and Sophie

With seven children in one house, there were lots of variables of who could sleep where each night.


  1. we miss you Harveys- will the kids want to come back? Looks like you are having lots of fun.
    Toy Story Lego- woohoo!

  2. Looks like such a good time!

  3. Wow! What a comprehensive post - all those photos! So many lovely memories ...

    I think I should just copy and paste your post into my blog - you've captured our holiday so well.

    I'm not giving up the HK dream either, don't worry!