Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blast from the past

Tonight we spent an hour catching up with the Wells family who live near Craig's parents and whose daughter happened to be our flower girl at our wedding in 1997.

Here's a photo from the auspicious day. 

And here's Belinda with her parents Myra and Glenn today. There's something about chatting with one's former flower girl about careers and boyfriends to make one feel old!

While at the Wells, Craig was looking at their photos on the wall and happened to recognise someone from our university days who happened to be in the bridal party of the Wells' son's wedding. We never knew that the two families knew each other.

Belinda kindly let Jemilla try on her flower girl dress.

Jemilla is in Year Three, the same age as Belinda was when we got married.

Craig's sister Judith was one of my bridesmaids. Although she refused to model it (Awwww!), she did manage to dig up the dress she wore for our wedding.

How time flies!


  1. Belinda kept the dress? And Judith? Both of them kept their dresses?

    What a coincidence!

    I'm sooooo glad I kept my bridesmaid dress too -- Aisha and Brioni and Calista and Delaney will each be able to wear it when they're big enough! Such good value!

  2. Lauren,your dress may well fit A,B,C and D BUT of course it may NOT be "in fashion".Just you wait.Aha!

  3. I can't believe how similar our wedding clothes were. My 3 bridesmaids wore dark green and the flower girl (my sister Le, who was in yr 3) had a floral dress too!

    See, we were destined to be best friends!!