Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nesting in wheat fields

Hello, readers! 

Nesting In Skyscrapers will undergo a few changes in the near future. For one thing, we will be on holidays in Dubbo, New South Wales, for the next month or so, and I'm not sure how often I will get the opportunity to blog while we are there. When we return to Hong Kong, I will be commencing full time teaching at ICS, and I highly doubt I will have the time (or energy!) for daily posts.

I have been asked by the ICS Headmaster to attend new teacher orientation, so I will fly back to Hong Kong earlier than anticipated, leaving Craig to pack and bring home our three children and all our many purchases from Australia. Regretfully, this means that I will miss Jemilla's birthday. 

I have mentioned before the lack of long day care options for young children in Hong Kong. Therefore, from August our family will have a "domestic helper", a sort of live-in maid/nanny to look after Tirzah and do many other jobs. I will introduce her to you at a later date.

Please pray for us as we spend the next few weeks with Craig's family, that we have a fun and relaxing holiday together before the many changes occur in our household.

Some of you asked about sending birthday cards for the kids...

Keegan will turn 6 years old on July 21st.
Jemilla will turn 8 years old on August 1st.

Our address in Australia is as follows: 
The Harveys 
28 Kensington Avenue
Dubbo NSW 2830

So what are we most looking forward to doing on our holiday in Australia?
  • chewing bubble gum on the plane (J & K)
  • meeting our new nephew (C & R)
  • buying some sunglasses and cricket gloves and maybe a snorkel mask (K)
  • getting my first haircut (T)
  • baking cookies with Nana (J)
  • spending time with my best friend Amanda and her lovely family (R)
  • watching "Grandpa in my Pocket" and "The Upside Down Show" on ABC for Kids (J & K)
  • playing with my cousins (T)
  • eating lots of dairy products, especially yoghurt and cheese and drinking fresh non-UHT milk (R)
  • playing a round of golf with Geoff (C)
  • building a tiny snowman (J)
  • driving a car (C)
  • playing scrabble with Grandpa (J)
  • watching Toy Story 3 for my birthday (K)
  • going to Western Plains Zoo (J & K & T)
  • eating my Mum's afghan biscuits (C)
  • hearing English everywhere and understanding what people are saying (J)
  • shopping, shopping, shopping (R)


  1. Bring it on I say! I can't wait!

  2. awww great post! Wishing you guys a wonderful, happy, safe, fun, relaxing, enjoyable, blessed and most of all "Australian" holiday together. Will definitely keep you in our prayers as you head into your new job and new nanny situation. Love the Adams Family

  3. Dear Renee,
    Will we be seeing you in Tamworth? I wonder if I could talk Aunty L into a drive.
    Aunty G