Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yesterday we left Hong Kong and flew via Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. Our total flight time was around twelve hours. Jemilla and Keegan loved being able to watch "Up" and "Cars" on the little screens in front of their seats.

By far, however, the highlights of their trip were the "exciting" meals provided by the airlines. It reminded me of the 1991 kids' song by Robyn Archer. Do you remember it?

Eating on a plane
I love it
The trolley comes again
I love it
My elbows all squashed in
It's funny
Headphones still plugged in
Real spunky
Everything so strange
I love it
Eating on a plane

Little plastic dishes
and everything with lids
Knife and fork and spoon wrapped up
And special stuff for kids
Tiny salt and pepper
And little milky things
All for eating down your food
While riding on the big wings

Sometimes I keep the sugars
And give them to my friends
Sometimes I save the toothpicks up
Until the journey ends
Sometimes I use the sick bag
If we get a bumpy ride
And suddenly I get to see the stuff that was just

The kids slept really well on the plane; their parents not so much.

Tirzah was great on the flight, much better behaved than we anticipated. When Jemilla flew at this age she was absolutely petrified of the loud noise the plane toilet made when it was flushed. Tirzah proved to be quite different and visited the toilet as often as she could during the flights.

This toy was a life saver! It's really just a cheap little plastic suitcase holding a tiny doll with three plastic dresses. Tirzah played and played and played with this doll, changing her clothes for church, shopping, "going to the club house", and dancing. I had packed all sorts of other toys for the flights, but none of them were even opened.

I liked the fact that Malaysian Airlines feature a sign language interpreter on their safety video. I wish Qantas would do the same!

Here we are upon arrival in Sydney. Our first stop was to put on our winter clothes before we left the airport.

Australia, here we come!

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  1. Just so sorry the flight home was not so easy!