Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spying on the locals

I felt really conspicuous taking the following photos, like I was intruding on the individual's privacy. Still, I prevailed for the sake of the blog!

It's common in Hong Kong to find older members of the community doing Tai Chi and stretching exercises in public.

This group of women were doing a Chinese dance to music with fans.

With this class, the accessory of choice was a ceremonial sword.

More sword dancing...

This was another class learning dancing with fans.

So do you think they would let a "Gweilo" (foreign devil) or "Gweipor" (ghost woman) join in with their cultural dances? Would you do it?

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Renée, did they realize you were taking them? or did they just write you off as a crazy white Gweipor?