Thursday, July 1, 2010

For Jonathan from Jemilla

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for always writing me emails. I thought you might like to see some photos of me in Hong Kong.

This is me standing in front of a fountain at Hong Kong Disneyland. I had such a great day!

Can you believe that most of the McDonald's in Hong Kong are too small to have a playground? This is the only one we have found so far.

I took this photo from our roof when I saw the sunrise with my grandmother. I liked having Manou stay with us because she wakes up early in the morning just like me.

After church one day my friends helped me to open seed pods just for fun.

You can see the little seeds inside the pods.

I like to look out of my window when I am in bed. Mum and Dad took this photo of me after I fell asleep in this funny position.

I guess my favourite subject at school is when we go on fun excursions. This is on Beach Day.

Our PE teacher Mr Blain taught us how to play a kind of rugby game on the beach.

Here I'm trying to tackle this boy before he scores a point.

We were so hot after playing sports on the beach!

This is an excursion my class went on to the Hong Kong History Museum. What sort of excursions have you been on in Year Three at Kingsway?

This is my class on excursion to the Environmental Centre.

I am writing down answers about air pollution.

This was a game to teach about pollution.

We are writing down more answers.

Hong Kong has lots of super long escalators. We have to stand on the right so that people can pass on the left.

I won this Oreo umbrella one day when a special truck came along. A lady gave out free biscuits, and then I played noughts and crosses with the lady. I won the game in the right amount of time, so I got an umbrella. Keegan got a yo-yo. Have you had strawberry Oreos before?

This is our family games night. We are playing a game called Zooreka. We had to collect animals, food and shelter then make habitats for our animals. I won! What is your favourite board game?

This is a barbecue with our Bible Study friends.

This was the last day of last day to catch the bus! Now I am finally in Year Three the same as you.

I miss you.


From your friend, Jemilla


  1. Great post Jemilla.
    Love Dad

  2. It took me until the very end to realise the Jem wasn't writing to her cousin! Lol.

  3. Thankyou for all your effort in putting together the message, it was fantastic to read. I've never had strawberry oreo's, but it would be nice to try them. Enjoy your school holidays. Jonathan