Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sydney friends

Craig's dad, Brian, met us at Sydney airport. He had kindly driven down from Dubbo (six hours) to pick us up.

At a nearby McDonalds we were thrilled to catch up with some friends who live in Sydney. Thank you so much to those who made the time to see us. We really appreciate our friendships with you!

This photo of Bob and Fay East was taken by Keegan.

This is a friend from Bathurst, Kim, with her pretty little baby, Zoe.

And here is one of my uni buddies, Jai, with one of her gorgeous kids.

Lauren, I thought you would be interested in these fantastic language resources Jai was using with her daughter. They are a tactile equivalent of an Eye Spy book, I guess, and I love them.

The bags are sewn with soft terry towelling and a see-through plastic. They are filled with tiny styrofoam balls and a number of tiny objects of your choice. You could also use rice to fill the bag, I guess, as long as humidity is not a problem where you live.

They are a much cheaper version of these popular "Find It" toys. I might try to have some made for school.

Our kids hardly noticed the long drive to Dubbo, as they had the novel experience of being able to watch a movie in the car. Thank you to the Peets for the comfy ride!

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