Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tokyo Tower (by Craig)

As we heard that Tokyo Tower was the 'must see' place in Tokyo (and we got a bargain price at the hotel next door), that was our next stop. Based on the Eiffel Tower deisgn, it is painted orange and white according to the Civil Aeronautic Law. Originally intended for television broadcasting, radio antennas were installed in 1961, but the tower is now used to broadcast signals for numerous Japanese media outlets.

View of our hotel from the 150 m Main Observatory...

...and as half way up is only half as good, we took the extra elevator trip up to the highest public Special Observatory that is at 250m.

Whilst Tokyo has almost double the population of Hong Kong, (13 million v's 7 million) and is almost close to double the geographic area (~2200 square km v's 1104 square km) the city's architecture in our opinion lacks some of the charm and design flair of our familiar Hong Kong skyline.

The pollution is a common element.

The Tokyo harbour with it's large bridges had a bit of a Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) feel.

And the raised free(toll)ways did add a Hong Kong flavour.

Bottom left is our hotel and bottom right is the Zojiji temple that we just explored.

I did have to constantly remind myself that surely a countless number of people had already safely traversed the same path before me over the transparent flooring for this photo.

With a Valentines Day promotion on, we were there at the right time to receive some free strawberries and milk chocolate.

And get a few nice couples photos.

Happy Valentines Day 2013!

So if you ever visit Tokyo, what I call their 'Eiffel Tower' is a must visit.

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  1. Last photo is my favourite! Pretty special Valentine's Day :)