Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skiing in Hakuba

Our first stop was the ski rental shop.

Then we hit the slopes!

I could write an eloquent post about how amazing it felt to swoosh down the steep mountain with the wind whipping my hair back. The sad truth is, however, that most of my time on the slopes I was in a state of terror. See this picture below? Here I am stuck in a foot of fluffy white snow on a virtually flat space, and I am still keeping my poles firmly planted lest I over-balance! I shed many a frustrated tear at Hakuba, let me tell you. If I could manage the short beginner's slope at my snail's pace without falling on my derriere, I considered it a good run. Meanwhile, Craig zoomed happily down the black diamonds and took lots of amazing photos from high up the mountain. Good thing I love the man!

One day Craig and I took the Hakuba gondola instead of the chair lifts to the top of the mountain.

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