Saturday, February 23, 2013

While Mum and Dad were in Japan... (by Jemilla)

We went to the CNY parade sponsered by Cathay Pacific. The theme was "Happy @ Hong Kong". There were some local perfomers such as dance schools and some international performers such as roller-skaters and African drummers. I liked the double dutch section, Keegan liked the guys that slid on their knees, and Tirzah liked the dancers dressed as superheroes. We thankfully got a good spot, but unfortunatly there were big balloon air creatures in front of us that hit Keegan and me in the face several times. I hope you like my photos and videos!

Our line was huge to get on the bus to go out to the Wishing Tree village. Some of the floats from the parade were on display. Aunty Celine bought us some of the plastic oranges to throw in the tree. I got mine in after two tries; Keegan repeatedly threw his (until we couldn't find it, then he realised someone else had thrown his); and Tirzah tried with the help of Aunty Celine until she attached hers to Keegan's which was about two meters off the ground.  I took a photo of someone's wishes; they're on the red paper below.


This place is managed by one of Aunty Celine's church friends. It is a place where people who have disabilities live. We ate lunch there and performed some Christian songs like "I'm in the Lord's Army" for the residents.

Keegan went on a sleepover with his friend Cayden, and we met the next day at the ice skating rink in Elements mall. Keegan said he fell down repeatedly, but Tirzah and I fell down only once or twice. Aunty Celine never fell down, even though this was her first ever try at ice skating!


  1. What an epic post Jemilla! I'm so impressed! Those trees looked so pretty with the oranges and wish lists in them.

  2. Sounds like you had fun and didn't miss Mom and Dad at all! Did you pre-arrange your visit to Home of Loving Faithfulness? The co-founder of HOLF came to speak at MS Spiritual Emphasis week last week - one of my students has a connection to them and maybe we could visit, too!