Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hakuba Luna Hotel

Craig and I enjoyed the short flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Japan. From our airplane window we could see the peak of Mt Fuji in the distance.

Craig booked a taxi to take us straight from Narita airport to the Hakuba snowfields, about a five-hour drive.

This is our hotel. We love how it feels like a ski lodge rather than a fancy hotel, most of the staff are Australian, it is excellent value for money, we get a free breakfast every morning, and it is only 100 meters from the ski lift.

As soon as they arrive, all guests need to remove their shoes or skiboots and put on some hotel slippers.

Our hotel room...

...with possibly the world's tiniest bathtub.

The hotel uses Japanese decorations to merge Eastern flavour with Western comfort.

With a thirty centimeter snowfall last night and -9 degree weather, we are extremely thankful for all the warm clothes lent to us by the Landes family!

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