Friday, February 15, 2013

Downtown Tokyo

After visiting the temple and Tokyo Tower, we took the train to Shibuya to see "the busiest simultaneous pedestrian crossing” in the world.

Here I am with the famous sculpture of Hachiko, the loyal dog said to have met his master faithfully every night at a certain hour even after his master died.

We spent a few hours wandering the streets of Shibuya, looking in the shops and soaking up the nightlife atmosphere.

Today we had two hours to spare before our flight back to Hong Kong, so we headed downtown again.

As you can see from this map, the Tokyo train system is a lot more complicated than our Hong Kong MTR!

Craig loved the way that passengers are informed on a screen how many minutes it will take for the train to reach all the stations on the line.

Is any one else curious why the expectant mother's belly on this sign has radiating lines? Is the baby shouting? Is an alien ready to explode out?

And speaking of signs, the Japanese add extra special embellishments to their public toilets.

This Tokyo shop name reminded us of our nephew, Jonathan.

Our final destination before the airport: souvenir shopping.

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