Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prince Hotel

We left Hakuba by bus this morning and drove for one hour to Nagano where we caught the Shinkansen to Tokyo. This bullet train can go at speeds of over 300 kph, reminding us of the train we took from Paris to London in 2001.

View from our train window of the Japanese countryside and towns

We only spent one night in Tokyo but got an excellent last minute deal at the Prince Hotel, in the heart of the city.

A suite of rooms? What a luxury!

I reckon all five of us could have slept in this enormous bed without even touching!

View from our hotel window

Carla, you would have approved of the bath products!

And as we have found during our short stay here, the Japanese love their fancy toilets!

We used the hotel shuttle bus to get to nearby Hamamatsucho train station, but really it was just as fast to walk.

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