Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eating in Japan

My last post about Japan concerns the food we consumed while on our holiday. Although we had expected that we would have to be brave and adventurous in trying new Japanese cuisine, we were surprised by how many Western restaurants and menu items were available to us.

One night in Hakuba we ate at the Samurai Wagyu Steak Restaurant where we were served by this waiter.

This was another colourful character at the Happo-One ski resort.

Antique skis on display at the restaurant

Nice to see an Aussie flag flying in the window of this restaurant!

We had to clear this table of snow before sitting down to eat.

This was a mini-supermarket near our hotel...great for late night munchies!

I think I will pass on the spicy chocolate, though.

And who actually eats this stuff?

We discovered that Japan has an enormous range of Kit Kat chocolates. Some flavours are as follows:  green tea,  blueberry and soybean, melon and baked corn, strawberry cheesecake,  sweet potato, wasabi, apple, green beans, chilli and miso. Have a break!

Some restaurants in Japan look very American from the outside, but serve no Western food at all.

And I could NOT get used to the way Japanese restaurants still allow smoking inside!

Craig bought some delicious street food from this vendor by pointing to the menu pictures.

This place delivered exactly what we expected. Yum!

Plastic food samples are prevalent in the windows and display cases of restaurants throughout Japan, even more so than in Hong Kong.

This was the plastic model of my miso ramen soup...

...and here is my actual soup! Pretty close, huh?


  1. I'm very impressed to see that you actually ate some Japanese food especially ramen soup. Did you have any sushi? Did you have salad for breakfast?

  2. Lucky Duck, Mum! I know you enjoyed your Krispy Kreme!
    xxx Jemilla