Monday, May 6, 2013

Mademoiselle (AP Art Show)

As usual, the ICS students in the Advanced Placement Art Show impressed us all with their talent. This year the exhibitors were all female. Their artwork included paintings, photographs, sculptures, pottery, pencil drawings, and graphic designs. Here are some of my favourite entries in the show. Which do you like best, Amanda?

"Goat" by Ruby Tow

"Numbers" by Jassie Li

"Poppies" by Angela Yi

"Fairytale Watercolour" by Angela Yi (This one was Jemilla's favourite.)

"Medical" by Cher Chow (for Carla and Andy)

"Little Red Riding Hood" by Sharon Lam

"Envy" by Gabrielle Shamon

"Dance is my everyday life" by Tiffany Koo

"Transportation" by Minami Matsumoto (for Manou)

"Cup and Plate" by Faye Wong

"Kitchen Utensils" by Hannah Lee

"Floral Alphabet" by Alexandra Chan

"Dragonfly" by Sabrina Lieberman (for Lauren)

"Marie Antoinette" by Alexandra Chan

"Leaves" by Gloria Yoon

"Coulrophobia" by Gloria Yoon

I love, love, love this series done by a very talented artist/graphic designer named Nikki Cheung. It features her classmates and friends performing their various beauty regimes.













  1. All most impressive AND I appreciate
    Minami's special talent.Tell her that a fan of hers in Australia would like a souvenir print!!

  2. So amazing, yet again! I too LOVE Nikki Cheung's portraits. Is she really a student? How on earth did she have time to create all those wonderful artworks? I'm speechless!