Thursday, May 2, 2013

Minature Hong Kong

Yesterday was a public holiday here, so we took public transport all the way out to a Tsing Yi shopping centre where we toured a special exhibition of teeny tiny Hong Kong scenes in dollhouse-size but incredible detail.

From The South China Morning Post

"In a city defined by its skyscrapers and towering residential blocks, hundreds of Hongkongers have been flocking to an exhibition in Tsing Yi that celebrates the opposite: miniature streetscapes. A group of 28 local and overseas specialists in miniature art have re-created traditional scenes under the theme of festivals and culture...The exhibition is attracting a wide audience because it has the cute factor to appeal to youngsters and a nostalgia factor for older people." 

I apologise that my camera can't adequately capture the amazing art works. The miniatures truly were incredible and must have taken months to create! If you click on any of the photos below, they will enlarge to enable you to see some more of the details. Can you find the cat in the pottery shop, an umbrella belonging to the gentleman in the caged house, and the pig necklace in the jewellers?

Tenement Houses

Old Style Chinese Restaurant

Law's Shoe Shop

Kim's Pottery Shop

Victoria Fair

Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

Poultry Wet Market

Food Carts

Dai Fung Incense Shop

Under Canal Road Flyover

Public Housing Unit

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

Rooftop Shanties

Caged Home

Hong Kong Cafe

Memory of Resettlement Estate

Mount Davis Squatters

Chin Fung Goldsmith

Keegan's favourite: Uncle Tim's Toys

Tirzah's favourite: Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Craig's favourite: Sai Kung Fish Market

Jemilla's favourite: Candy Shop

My favourite: Lantern Shop at Mid Autumn Festival


  1. Wow! What amazing creations! I love the lantern shop too. I thought the 'public housing' was a room in a prison! And who sleeps in a 'caged home'? That one was done so well.
    Definitely worth the trip to see the exhibition. Thanks for the photos xxx

  2. but there is two cats in the pottery shop,and really?people live in cages? very cute though!

  3. Amazing,minute detail.Chinese people must have extra small fingers and hands,I know that my current (Chinese) dentist does!