Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recent photos of the kids

Snack time at Tirzah's playgroup

Tirzah watches VeggieTales with friends.

Kindergarten photos from April

We haven't actually seen the new Monsters Inc movie yet, but the kids wanted to pose with the characters anyway.

The last time Jemilla had a haircut, she chopped off 46 cm. This time the change was not quite as drastic, but she now has a side fringe (bangs).

This photo was taken during the elementary swim gala when Jemilla joined her class in a game of skwim. She is in the centre of the photo.

And here is Keegan's class playing the same game. He is wearing a blue shirt and has his hand up.

Jemilla shows off what she learned from her rollercoaster project.

This was a joint project between Michael and Jemilla for Chinese class.

Keegan's science project about floating eggs

Two tired kids on the minibus home one night after cricket lesson

No more Hong Kong home group for us! We took these photos of the Harvey, Udy, and Rode-Christoffersen children at our last Bible study get-together. 


  1. I love my new haircut! I can now expirement (once more) to see what I can do with my hair!
    - Jemilla

  2. Dear Tirzah,
    I was soooooo happy to see photos of you in your classroon.I love you!
    Dear Jemilla,So you DID get a side fringe after all!WOW!
    Dear Keegan,
    Has cricket finished in HK!I expect so!THe new cricket season on the Central Coast begins in October.Get ready!