Monday, May 27, 2013

The FA Cup Final (by Keegan)

Under way then...Grand Final of the FA Cup...Chelsea vs. Manchester City...Tap from Torres to Hazard...Hazard dribbles past the attacking half then passes out to the wing to Lampard...Who then passes to Mata, while Torres, making sure he’s onside, moves through defenders and calls/signals for a pass...Mata using skill to move through the midfield sees him and does so...It was too short so it didn’t make it but luckily Ivanovic gets there but it’s 3 on 1, he safely passes to unmarked Lampard...Lampard closes in but an unselfish pass to Torres...who beats Joe Hart and scores! 

One nil to Chelsea!!! 

Carlos Tevez gets a quick break through but great challenge by Mata who intercepts it...A lobbed ball by Mata goes to captain John Terry who skilfully moves around an attaking striker...Passes to Torres in the penalty box, Torres chips it over Harts head...He falls down when the ball hits the crossbar...Header from Torres into the back of the net.

Two nil Chelsea with Torres on a hat trick! 

Balotelli kicks off to Tevez who attepts a pass to Dzeko but bravely cut out by Lampard who passes the ball to Torres who forms a 1-2 pass to Lampard and back to him and wants to pass to come- out- of- nowhere Carhalvo… it’s a 1 out of 100% chance you would see an accidental goal but that’s exactly what Torres did! He curls the ball top left of the net and gets his hat trick with 30 seconds to go in the first half!

3-0 to Chelsea! Balotelli to Tevez, Tevez to Nigel De-Jong and the half time whistle blows score 3-0.

Manchester City to start the second half. Balotelli to Tevez. Ivanovic attepts a challenge but Tevez avoids it and carries on through midfield, and in the penalty box...Very powerful strike by Tevez… but magnificent save by Petr Cech! Defender Terry clears the ball into the midfield to Torres who passes to onside Lampard. Helen charges at him, but Lampard quickly passes to Torres outside the goal kick box...He fake shoot passes to Lampard. Hart falls for the fake shoot and Lampard strikes back of the net! 

It’s 4-0 to Celsea! 

Balotelli, outside of foot to Tevez, backpasses it to Garcia down to Clitchy back to Tevez in forward half...Ball goes to Dzeko ground shot straight to Cech...Cech with the long kick to Mata...Torres to Lampard...Outside left of the box the ball gets smashed but hits the crossbar...Torres to fetch it and passes to Lampard...No angle...Lampard shoots and this time scores! 

It’s 5-0 with 5 minutes to go. 

Tevez...Crunching tackle by Lampard, on the long run only Hart to beat for a hat trick...Hart charges, dives but misses...Open goal for Lampard...He smashes and scores! 

6-0. Hat tricks for both Torres and Lampard! Chelsea FA 2013 Cup winners! See you next season. Good-bye.


  1. That's an awesome story Keegan.

    Well done.

  2. Dear Keegan,
    Once upon a time I was a teacher in a school in Chelsea (which is in London)so of course I have always supported that team. Your commentary was great. Wish that I had seen the match!I love you,from Manou