Monday, May 13, 2013

Our last visitor? (by Craig)

We were so pleased to have a good friend from Perth, Craig Matchett, come over for a quick visit this month. I (Craig H.) was able to take a few days off work, be a tour guide around town, and say my goodbyes to various places with less than eight weeks left in Hong Kong.

Craig definitely had to experience some MTR train rides. Locals will realise this shot was taken during off peak. (During peak times I kept forgetting to take the camera out of my pocket before getting on the train as I didn't want to get arrested for inappropriate physical contact with other MTR patrons!) 

Shopping at Mong Kok

"Kirsten, Do you think I can make this fit on our lounge room wall?"

Checking out the sea food variety at the Sai Kung Fish Markets

Had to drop in here for Kirsten

Sorry, Nate and Caleb. We couldn't figure out how these bikes could fit within the luggage allowance on the trip home.

The electronic markets around town got some business during Craig's visit.

Eating out in Hong Kong

Now this is what I call a large pizza!

A day at the Peak

We three guys happened to all be wearing our cricket gear today.

Only people who have stood up on the Peak Tram descent will appreciate this one....

Hong Kong Park

Another highlight was a quick three-hour trip across the border to Shenzhen, China.

How did Mr Matchett get the kids to do all the hard work here?

It was also great to have Craig join us at Keegan's weekly cricket coaching session in Sai Kung.

We went to Lantau Island on Craig's last day to ride the cable car and see the Big Buddha.

Good-bye, Mr Matchett (also known as Mr Mattress and Mr Hat-trick by Tirzah).Words can't describe what a blessing it was to have Craig join us and experience first hand life in HK. It was a truly special time, one that Renee and I will always remember and be very grateful for.

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  1. Great post,Mr Craig Harvey!
    Loved the shot of you both in the the Peak Tram!