Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tirzah's invisible friends (dictated to me by Tirzah)

"They are called Marv, Parv, Jarv, Yarv, Kevin, Sparkle, Star, Doorbell, Lovely, and Bing.

I like to play games with them. In the morning I take them to school. They sleep in the playroom at our house. They like chocolate and ice cream. They are noisy at bedtime when I am trying to go to sleep. I have to tell them not to be noisy sometimes. Sometimes I sing them a lullaby.

I have three babies: Spotty Mr Bear, Jessica, and Veronica. They came out of me. First there is a special machine that opens my back right here, and that's how they get the babies out. They like to walk around and put on CDs to sing and watch TV but only on one day. They can’t watch too much TV! They drink milk from a bottle.

I have pets too like Twinkle the Unicorn. He likes to play games and have parties. He rides on top of the MTR if I’m going somewhere. He picks me up from school and I ride on his back on the way home. I sing songs to him in Mandarin or English."

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