Thursday, February 18, 2010

Apple of my eye

Check out these fantastic apples I saw at an upmarket supermarket with Natalie this week. 

Growers tape a sticker on the fruit before it's matured.  Sunlight doesn't reach the area covered by paper, and the result is a clear message on the apple. In this case it is wishes of fortune for the New Year.

These fortune apples are pretty pricey, though, around $60 AUD for this 11-piece crate.

I wonder if the idea will reach Australia. I'd love to buy an apple with a love heart or some other picture on it. Companies could use their logos. The possibilities are endless...

Would you buy one?


  1. Can't wait to find one with a love heart for you. I'd pay A$60 for that without blinking.

    Craig XOX

  2. If anyone grows their own apples, they should try this... Amanda?

  3. Now that made me smile Craig!