Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lynn's birthday party (by Jemilla)

Yesterday I went with my friends Gi Gi, Lynn, Sophie and Lily to Lynn's eighth birthday party. 

Can you guess what we did? We went ice-skating! 

It was my first time ever going ice-skating. I stayed around the edges at the beginning and fell down two or three times. I liked ice-skating. It felt fun. Mummy thought I would would be freezing cold, but it wasn't too cold at all. I didn't even wear my gloves. 

A sad thing happened though. 

I fell down and my friends were trying to help me, and the bottom of Gi Gi's skate accidentally went over my hand. It was bleeding, so I went to first aid and they cleaned it and put bandages on my fingers. 

After ice skating we went to Delifrance for tea, and we could pick anything we wanted to eat. 

We played with Lynn's new birthday presents. 

I gave her some Playmobil and a CD. 

We listened to the CD on the way home in the car. Lynn gave us all some party bags which included lollies, pens, a Kinder Surprise egg, bandaids, etc. 

It was a very fun party!


  1. I really enjoy the guest posts by the other members of the family, Renee!

  2. Looks like a wonderful party Jemilla. You described it very well. Great job!

  3. Wow Jemilla, sounds like a fun day. Apart from the bleeding fingers bit...OW! I was always scared of that happening to my kids! Good job with the pictures too, I really enjoyed reading it. Keep it up and you will be blogging better than your Mum!

  4. Great post, Jemilla! You should write more! : )