Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Some of you have been asking how work is going...well, every Wednesday I commute to International Christian School where I have been meeting staff, doing paperwork, reading through case files, writing my wish list for resources, etc. I am working with some other staff to try to identify the right group of seven children for my new class. I feel it is progressing rather slowly, and of course I am impatient to actually have students to teach again.

This is my lovely brand new classroom. The desks and chairs will all be moved over to the high school block soon.

And the files in all those cardboard boxes will all have to be shredded. I have also asked for a sink to be installed.

This is one of the catalogues I have been looking through for educational resources. I think it is from Japan.

What interested me most was this page showing the dedicated pre-school teachers warding off a dangerous  masked attacker with these special pronged sticks. A must-have for every early childhood centre, I'm sure.

We are still trying to think of a name for the new special education class I will be teaching. 

Any ideas?

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  1. Being from Japan I am surprised it isn't a cartoon depicting the use of the device.
    I think I know teachers who would use on it their students before using it on an intruder :-)
    too funny.