Friday, February 5, 2010

Library Excursion

Today Tirzah and I had the pleasure of accompanying Keegan's class on an excursion to the local library. Our family borrows books from the library at least once a fortnight, but this was the first time K3 visited en masse. 

Before the outing, Tirzah enjoyed listening to the "Morning Praise" session with all the kindergarten kids. They sang "Oh, how I love Jesus", "Jesus loves the little children", "Arky Arky" and "Whisper a Prayer".

Then we walked the couple of blocks from the school to Tai Po Library.

The tall building straight ahead holds the library, as well as the market where most of the locals buy their fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

The sixteen children lined up to wait for the lift...

Then we all squished in together!

Keegan's teacher Ms Irene explained some library rules and procedures, then the children were free to choose some books to borrow for their class reading corner.

After listening to two books read aloud, the K-3 class walked back to school together. It was a fun excursion!


  1. What a great outing!

    Squashing together in the lift looks like it was fun.

  2. Aha!I see some bikes at last!