Thursday, February 25, 2010

Classical Gardens

On Thursdays, Tirzah and I usually walk for fifteen minutes from the Tai Po Market train station to a nearby estate called Classical Gardens. Here there is a group of English-speaking mothers who meet weekly in the club house playroom in order to chat and allow our children time to play together. 

I am happy for any excuse to get out of the apartment, and Tirzah really enjoys the range of bikes and toys. It is very different from the Forest Hill club house playroom.

These photos were taken this morning.


  1. How did you hear about this group?

  2. Does every block of apartments have their own 'club house' set up with toys?
    Looks like you are coping very well without a car!

  3. Lauren, remember how I used to go to a playgroup on Wednesdays at the university? Since starting work I've had to give that one up, but a friend from that group told me about this Classical gardens get-together.

    Yes, Amanda, every estate seems to have an indoor club house for the resident children to enjoy. They are great for cold, wet weather.