Monday, February 1, 2010

Thirteen years ago...

...Craig Harvey and Renee Bissett were married in Bathurst, New South Wales.

Since then we've lived in eight different places and had three children. 

I have no idea how many arguments we've weathered in our thirteen years, but I do know that they are usually based around the subjects of money, time and expectations. 

We have a cross-cultural marriage, and we have to work hard to speak each other's love language and keep our love tanks full. 

I am very blessed to be married to Craig. He is a steady rock, a cheerful provider, a Godly role model, and a loving father.

And he brought me this beautiful bunch of flowers for our anniversary!

What more could a wife want?

Happy anniversary, Craig! I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! May the next 18 be blessed!

  2. Congratulations on celebrating 13 years of marriage - may the Lord grant you many more together.

    A beautiful post Renee - I just LOVE reading your blog!

  3. awwww!!! Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! xoxo

  4. Happy Anniversary Craig and Renee.Hope you were able to enjoy taking some time out together to celebrate. If not, I hope you will be able to find time to do that.
    Love Lorene

  5. Happy Anniversary Craig and Renee!
    Was it really 13 years ago that we celebrated such a great union? What a joy and blessing it has been to watch and walk beside you guys over those years. Your commitment to each other and love for each other is inspiring. May the years to come continue to bring you joy and strength to weather life's challenges together. What a lovely gift you are providing for your children.
    With much love
    Jen and Glen

    I really love reading your blog!