Friday, February 26, 2010

Home group

Tonight we met with three other couples from church for our first official home group/ Bible study here in Tai Po.

We met right here in Forest Hill from 5-8:30 pm. Someone else organised take-away for tea, so I was glad to not have to worry about that responsibility. You can see the nine children enjoying their KFC meal.

(Except for Tirzah, who was most upset that another child was using her special Wiggles cup.)

While the adults were chatting, the girls did a school project together...

...and played with Jemilla's Barbies.

The boys were quiet with a DS and dress-ups for a while, but then they started bothering the girls... they were redirected to Keegan's room to play with the Lego.

We enjoyed an open discussion about (among other things) Chinese culture, vegemite, and travel,  before agreeing on a study plan and agenda for our home group.

Aside from feeling stressed about the door-slamming and occasional shouting that I could hear from the children upstairs, I enjoyed meeting with the families. We look forward to the next gathering in a fortnight.


  1. Sounds like a great evening! Will it be at your place every time?

    Also, what is Keegan doing with his hands? Is it a variation on the Peace sign?

  2. We will rotate around the different houses, I think, but I expect that ours has the most space to play.

    Keegan was just being silly, I think.