Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walking with a toddler

Tirzah finally has her shoes on, and we are ready to go...

We shut the apartment door, push the lift button ("Me do! Me do!"), and down we go to the ground floor. Today she is pretending to talk to Daddy on the phone.

In the lobby Tirzah checks the mail box every time we go past. The door makes a satisfying bang when she slams it, so she does it a couple more times.

We admire the lobby door decorations for Chinese New Year ("Yes, Tirzah...eyes...nose...mouth...")

Depending on her mood she either greets the guard with "Hello" and a wave, or she will frown and hang her head down. (We're working on that.)

"Any butterflies today?" We inspect the flowers as we walk down the path to the corner. Usually there are a few dogs out for a walk, so they all need to be pointed out and woofed at before we can move on.

Tirzah thinks this "seat" is just right for her.

She walks backwards and forwards along the bumpy squares in the footpath.

This sign is a highlight of her walk. She likes to point out the number two when we walk past.

We finally arrive at the bus stop, but before we can board the bus Tirzah likes to jump off this cement block at least three times.

It's taken us about half an hour to walk the short distance to the bus stop, but you can't really rush a toddler. The world is such an exciting place, and there's just so much to see and do!


  1. Thanks for taking us on this little walk with Tirzah!

  2. What a beautiful glimpse into the simple pleasures of life with a toddler.

  3. I hope you are keeping a permanent record somewhere of all the blogging you are doing. These moments are so precious and you do such a great job of recording it all. I am sure that one day your children will love to read all about themselves.

  4. Oh Tirzah,you and I will have such fun!